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The Great Fermentation

The concept for this innovative attraction is to leave behind the traditional messages of wine connoisseurship and elitism. A series of hands-on and minds-on interactives will help visitors engage the complex world of wine and not be intimidated by stigmas and other unnecessary barriers, allowing them to discover the wines they actually love.

By anyone’s standard, this is a dream job.  Brave New Pictures is traveling to vineyards all over the world capturing pivotal 360° virtual reality footage to be showcased in one of the most unique environments ever created, The Pentasensory™ Dome.  This paradigm-breaking, immersion encounter engages visitors in all five senses – sound, touch, smell, taste and especially sight - while transporting them to wine-making regions including Argentina, France, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Chile and South Africa.

Coming in 2019

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