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MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition

Challenge: How to take a wildly successful television series and turn it into a traveling museum exhibit, without disappointing millions of fans.

Solution: Brave New Pictures worked closely with Discovery Communications and the entire MythBusters team to not only emulate the look and feel of the show, but to actually go beyond what the series provides by offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the MythBusters world. BNP produced custom, integrated videos, animation and interactive displays using original content captured on location at M5 Industries as well as footage from eight seasons of television programming. Each media component addresses visitors as “honorary MythBusters” and invites them to bust or confirm myths using the same experimental process that’s done on the show, minus the explosions.

The greatest compliment came when MB Executive Producer Dan Tapster said BNP fit so well with their team that the end results looked exactly as if they’d produced the material themselves.

Additional Information

MythBusters the Exhibition Website

BNP also produced a popular series of 8 videos showing the entire creative process for developing the exhibition.

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