Travel Quest

Bill Ball breaks the rules and stereo types of travel shows as he ventures beyond the highlights.  What do you do after you’ve lead groups to over 140 countries and all 7 continents?  Welcome to Bill’s bucket list on steroids... Travel Quest

This new, fast-paced series chases Bill around the globe as he seeks out anything but the mundane and ordinary—coming face-to-face with the largest crocodiles in the world, snorkeling with thousands of jellyfish, walking on the rim of an exploding volcano, feeding a group of sharks without a cage, bicycling across the Serengeti... this is not your typical travel show!

Now, he wants you to join him as he meets a primitive tribe in Papua New Guinea that are known cannibals, pulls 6G’s in a MiG Jet in New Zealand, rides the rapids on the powerful Zambezi river in Africa, and as he takes his first sip of fermented mare’s milk in Mongolia.  From the Amazon to Antarctica, Bill Ball and his Emmy Award winning team jumps head first into some of the most outlandish places and situations on earth.

Produced in association with Last Nerve Productions